Exercise Trident

EXS Trident Record Holders

"Tundra" Mickey

Points - 33

Time - 01:32:36


"Sandman" Solo

Points - 30

Time - 01:07:00



"Bedlam" A.Jay

Points - 30

Time - 01:07:37


Exercise Trident is a pass/fail exercise that ALL new members must pass to join our ranks.  This exercise takes the place of a BCT/INDOC and allows new members to rapidly start playing with us!


Exercise Trident is designed as a real Trident Tactical operation meaning candidates are expected to review the WARNO prior to the event and should come with questions but not an expectation to have the operation explained to them.  Failure to read the WARNO will result in the failure of the course.


Exercise Trident is a culmination exercise and is designed to be difficult, to achieve the critical passing score you MUST be confident in your skills and be ready to demonstrate them.  If you are not confident DO NOT sign up practice more and ask more questions so you can be successful.  We would much rather take extra time to help you be successful than watch you fail!


Exercise Trident is based on the tactics and operations we conduct within the unit, once passing successfully with a score of (24) or higher new members can start playing in official Friday & Saturday missions with the community.  The resources necessary to pass Exercise Trident successfully are included below:

 Exercise Trident WARNO